"Wir haben Ferien im Februar."

Translation:We are on vacation in February.

November 13, 2017



    Would the emphasis be more neutral as Wir haben im Februar Ferien?

    November 13, 2017


    Yes, it would be.

    November 13, 2017


    "Im" would imply "in dem". Is this accurate? If so, are all months pronounced as definite ("the January, the February"), etc, with this sentence being read out as "Wir haben Ferien in dem Februar"?

    November 13, 2017


    You would always use "im" when saying that something takes place in a month ("im Januar", "im März" etc.) but that is kind of a fixed phrase. You would not say "in dem Januar/Februar/März etc.".
    The months are not always pronounced with de definite article either. You could say for example:
    "Januar ist ein kalter Monat." or: "Der Januar ist ein kalter Monat."

    (In general you are right though, "im" is the combination of "in" and "dem".)

    November 13, 2017


    Please let English speakers user the word "holiday"

    June 11, 2018


    My answer was not accepted, "We go on vacation in February." I know its not a literal translation compared to "haben", as is "are on." However, "we go" is a much more colloquial way of saying this in America.

    March 4, 2019
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