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New verb forms appearing in my early lessons

I am suddenly seeing a lot of subjunctive and other verb forms, as well as new vocabulary, appearing in my lessons. But they are not appearing as "new" words. I'm only on the preposition section! Is anybody else seeing a bunch of new vocab and words they don't know how to use yet but are being thrown into sentences? Sometimes I can't even figure out the multiple choice because it is full of verb forms and words I have never seen and that don't seem to be related to the section that I am currently reviewing.

March 15, 2013



I have started seeing the subjunctive and I'm currently working on the future tense. For some answer choices, its a bit overdone. Maybe they're trying to add the subjunctive earlier on? Also, for the new vocabulary words that show up in multiple choice answers, its a little tricky but it is nice to learn new words that are synonyms to vocab words. I usually check wordreference.com for their meanings. It would be better if you could scroll over the "new word" to check its meaning.


I think a lot of subjunctive appeared because Duolingo used in the early stages sentences with the present simple in English, without realising that they should have been translated with subjunctive. With the users' feedback, subjunctive have been correctly implemented, but the difficulty of the sentences has obviously increased.

I hope Duolingo will rearrange the sentences in order to move all the sentences that now are translated with the subjunctive in later lessons (or at least, the most of them) and integrate the basic lessons with some sentences that use the "indicativo" in Italian.

You could send this idea to the Support! :) (The button is on the link.)


I have the same problem

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