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  5. "Kolik žen tě milovalo?"

"Kolik žen milovalo?"

Translation:How many women loved you?

November 13, 2017



Proč není "...tě milovaly"? Diky!


I'd say the subject here is <how many> which is an amount. The amount [implicit in how much or how many] is single neuter. You can reply with Mnoho / hodně / 30 / málo žen [mě milovalo].


Také jsem použila did a nevim co je špatně?


Dokud sem nezkopírujete celou svou větu, tak vám nepomůže ani pánbůh.


Co "how many women were in love with you"?


I think there's a difference between "be in love with somebody" and "love somebody".

If I love a singer, I probably enjoy listening to their music, but I don't have to have any romantic thoughts about them.

If I'm in love with someone (a singer or whoever), then I have romantic thoughts about them.


Is "žen" also a second-position word? The example sentence uses it before "tě", but after "kolik". Or, maybe "kokik žen" functions as a single element?


You're right -- kolik žen is a "unit of meaning," and follows it in second place. Good job!


It would be the same with, for example, "Mnoho žen mě milovalo." or "Sedm žen mě milovalo." The amount + noun form a single unit.

It is, however, possible to break up the unit - but only if you want to stress "žen" by placing it at the end or the beginning:

  • Kolik tě milovalo žen? - How many women (not men) loved you?
  • Žen mě milovaly tisíce. - As for women, thousands of them loved me.
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