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  5. "Je to rodina bez otce."

"Je to rodina bez otce."

Translation:It is a family without a father.

November 13, 2017



is there no difference between singular and plural for "bez otce"? I mean, if we are saying "To jsou rodiny bez otce" <- without fathers is the same as without a father?


If I don't fail, "These are families without fathers" in Czech sounds To sjou rodiny bez otců. And "These families are without fathers" > Tyto rodiny jsou bez otců. Please Endless-sleeper and Jamie, correct me if you need to.


Would "The family is without a father" also be acceptable?


No. That's Ta rodina je bez otce.


bez is always used with genitive?


Yes! :-)

Here is a more detailed list of Czech prepositions and the grammatical cases they are associated with if you'd be interested (in Czech). Just watch out that some prepositions go with more than one grammatical case.

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