"Then the risks are more and more important."

Translation:Les risques sont alors de plus en plus importants.

November 13, 2017



Im surprised no one else was confused by this construction. I don't recall seeing alors de anywhere else in this course.

November 13, 2017


The de belongs to the expression "de plus en plus" which is equivalent to the English "more and more". It is not linked to alors.

November 13, 2017

[deactivated user]

    "Alors" is covered in "Adverbs 3".

    November 16, 2017


    Why was my answer: "Alors les risques sont de plus en plus important" marked wrong?

    January 2, 2018


    I think because "important" should have been "importants" (plural) to match "les risques" (plural)

    February 10, 2018


    Why does important become grandes

    February 14, 2018


    why can’t the sentence begin with ‘puis’. I thought that meant then?

    February 8, 2018


    Because "important/e/s" is an adjective that needs to agree with what it is describing. "Les risques" are masculine plural, so the corresponding adjective must be too ie. it must be "importants". If it were just one risk that would be "le risque est alors de plus en plus important" [no "s"].

    February 15, 2018


    Could i say: "Là, les risques sont de plus en plus importants" instead?

    December 2, 2017


    Well, my answer was "Les risques sont alors de plus en plus importants". written exactly as given, but marked wrong and the word " Donc" was apparently needed at the beginning. I'm confused.com.

    February 20, 2018


    I'm still not clear on why "alor" is an essential word in this sentence

    March 13, 2018

    • Les risques sont alors de plus en plus importants
    • The risks are then more and more important
    • Then the risks are more and more important
    May 28, 2018


    Important is the wrong word here being a false friend. The correct word is serious

    December 13, 2017


    Thank you! This is a consistent problem, that important is a much broader word in French than in English, but DL does not recognize the difference. I can only conclude that whoever or whatever constructs the sentences and translations must be French. Yes, here you could also say "extensive," but definitely not "important."

    November 20, 2018


    why does the adjective important not agree with risques

    January 17, 2018


    it does. (importants)

    February 10, 2018


    I wrote, Dans ce cas, les risques sont de plus en plus importants. Was told the sentence needed to start with "Donc" (balance was OK). Is "dans ce cas" too limiting? Why is "donc" the right choice?

    February 23, 2018


    "Puis les risques sont plus en plus importants " Why is it wrong?

    March 20, 2018


    Ainsi, les risques sont de plus en plus importants. This was the correct answer given by Duolingo for me, not as above. I wrote exactly this but substituted "Puis" for "Ainsi". Why? It would be very helpful when you reply to a query if you add the person's tag as it is often unclear which comment is being addressed. Thanks.

    April 4, 2018


    What difference does it matter if alors or sont goes first? I got everything else right but translated The risks then are more ... instead the risks are ... then. In English we can say it either way.

    May 26, 2018


    It sounds clumsy to put "then" between the subject and the verb:

    • Then the risks are ...
    • The risks are then ...
    • The risks, then, are ... (avoid this usage except for rhetorical effect)
    May 28, 2018


    C.J.Dennis....yes, I used "then" first even though in picking tiles the "Les" was capitalized! I choose "alors" to go first anyway. : )

    August 15, 2018
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