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Progress on Japanese

The Japanese course seems to be a bit shorter than most other courses (like Korean which is also in beta). Do you guys know then there's going to be a extension or the arrival of the full thing?

November 13, 2017



Remember that the course is, in fact, in beta. I would imagine they would add a few more lessons before fully launching it.


Well, I don’t think that’s likely. I have tried a few beta courses and none added new skills during the beta phase. In order to add skills, a new version of the tree needs to be created and that usually happens after beta. They might add new sentences before that, though.


If the team decides to add more skills to the tree, then sure, why not. For now, I don't think there's any plans for extending the tree.


I'm through the wall! Thought I would be stuck on the Activities module in Japanese level 6 Forever, but no, I'm free to continue on my merry way! Yippee!


There seems to be a problem with Japanese Level Six. The lesson on Activities (the third part) seems to be frozen. I type in 'I will study tomorrow' or 'I will study the day after tomorrow' and I can't get out of the loop, it's just going back to the same questions over and over. Is it just me, or are others experiencing it too?

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