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issues with iOS, streak loss, and frustration

So it seems that ever since I️ downloaded the latest iOS, I️ have had some issues that are causing me quite the dilemma. First off, I️ have lost streaks because whenever I️ try to do lessons, I️ inevitably reach a translation where it tells me my answer is wrong, although it shows exactly what I️ wrote as the correct answer. Every time I️ try a different way of saying it, it will do the same thing. I️ have lost an 84 or so day streak and now a 7 day. I️ am tired of repeating the same lessons and not getting anywhere. In addition, I️ can no longer do any chats with bots. There is no option to create new chats and I️ don’t get daily “messages” from them anymore. Is there anything I️ can do? Thanks

November 13, 2017



I have screenshots, but I️ don’t see an option to post pictures


Use the formatting guide.

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