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Duolingo need to starting focusing on speaking aspect more now.

I feel like the site does a an amazing job with foundations and reading ... but it seriously lacks speaking and listening skills. You don't get much opportunity to listen and speak, and the voice is typically a cheesy robot voice that doesn't do justice.

I'm not trying to complain here as this is a great site for free.. but if duolingo really wants to improve... this is the next step they need to take

Oh by the way.. on the IOS.. please improve the heart system... I literally lose hearts 75 percent of the time due to a misclick.. which is Highly annoying. There has to be a better way.

November 13, 2017



Have you tried Spanish BETA labs stories for listening http://stories.duolingo.com? There are 40 series!


DuoLingo DOES have Speaking and Listening. Go to your settings and turn on Microphone for speaking. Turn on Speaker for listening and that stuff. It will make you much more fluent. Also, use other sources too; Duo can't actually teach you a language. It can only tell you some stuff; the rest you'll need help from other things or do yourself.


We understand that.. but .. duolingo is suppose to give you the foundations.. It does that in reading.. but when it comes to speaking and listening it is Seriously lacking... yes I know there are some exercises.. but the robotic voice sucks!


For speaking, just use iOS dictation instead of typing to submit your answers.

Since Duolingo seems completely committed to text-to-speech technology, if you really find it grating, you'll have to go elsewhere for listening. However, I think there are add-ons to not have the text show up and just listen, maybe DuoTweak, I'm not sure. Perhaps someone will show up who can say for sure.


No, not DuoTweak (only partly working with the old Python webite).

Camilo's "DuoLingo tree enhancer" can hide pictures and text for reverse trees.


IOS: It is called health, not hearts.

There is one easy solution: Use the website.

Then you can even install Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" to active the audio for L1->L2 translations in your target language.


100 days course (free) www.50languages.com uses MP3 native recorded voices!


Thanks, I am certainly ready for this type of lesson.


Try Spanishpod101 on Youtube for listening skills.


Mondly uses for the Portuguese course a nice speaking voice (no TTS).

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