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Menu or Speisekarte

In food 2 there was a question we read the menu, which translated as das Menu (with an umlaut). Then there was a question - translate Menu, so I put menu, but this was wrong, the correct answer was die Speisekarte. There was no "discuss" available on this question. Is there a difference or are the words interchangeable or not? I looked at Google afterwards, which translates both German words as menu.

November 13, 2017



The correct translation for (English) "menu" (i.e. a list of dishes and drinks which are available in a restaurant/café/bar) is "Speisekarte".
The German word "Menü" means a set meal.

For such purposes, better use a dictionary than google.


Yes, ein Menü is usually a given course of dishes, in opposition to eating à la carte. In fastfood it can also mean ordering a dish with a drink included instead of separate items. Die Speißekarte or short die Karte is the piece of paper you read to know what a restaurant offers.


typo: Speise, not Speiße


Die Karte just means 'The card'. So you would really say your just reading 'The card'. This is funny. But ofcourse you're right since I'm not German.


It's in the context. If you are sitting in a restaurant nobody is expecting you to read a postcard, so if I ask the waiter "kann ich bitte die Karte haben" I would be rather surprised if he would hand over his business card or a street map ;-)


For such purposes, better use a dictionary than google.

Amen. For instance, Wiktionary makes this clear. It's a shame that beginners always seem to gravitate to Google Translate when there are so many excellent, free online German dictionaries.


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