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Menu or Speisekarte

In food 2 there was a question we read the menu, which translated as das Menu (with an umlaut). Then there was a question - translate Menu, so I put menu, but this was wrong, the correct answer was die Speisekarte. There was no "discuss" available on this question. Is there a difference or are the words interchangeable or not? I looked at Google afterwards, which translates both German words as menu.

November 13, 2017



The correct translation for (English) "menu" (i.e. a list of dishes and drinks which are available in a restaurant/café/bar) is "Speisekarte".
The German word "Menü" means a set meal.

For such purposes, better use a dictionary than google.


Yes, ein Menü is usually a given course of dishes, in opposition to eating à la carte. In fastfood it can also mean ordering a dish with a drink included instead of separate items. Die Speißekarte or short die Karte is the piece of paper you read to know what a restaurant offers.


For such purposes, better use a dictionary than google.

Amen. For instance, Wiktionary makes this clear. It's a shame that beginners always seem to gravitate to Google Translate when there are so many excellent, free online German dictionaries.


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