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You can now read 95.1% of all real Spanish articles

  • 22
  • 22
  • 18
  • 14
  • 10
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3

And I'm only halfway the tree...

A little bit optimistic, I guess. Or it's a bug.

4 years ago



Might be true if you interpret it as "you have seen 95.1% of the words in articles at least once".

4 years ago


Yea the first half of the tree covers about 95%. The last half covers about 2%. You know if they made the second half of the course as good as the first half you could read 190% of all articles when you finished the tree.

4 years ago


Yes, I agree!

4 years ago


thats very interesting, because I am about 50% through the tree and I got a notice saying I should be able to read 50% of all real articles, I am also curious if anyone has put these estimations to the test!

4 years ago