"Ich gehe zu Fuß nach Hause."

Translation:I walk home on foot.

March 15, 2013



Why is it Hause and not Haus ?

March 15, 2013


'to walk home' = 'nach Hause gehen' That's just the way it is. Colloquially, you can say 'Ich gehe nach Haus' but I'd recommend to stick to the 'Hause'.

March 15, 2013


Because it is a phrase. If you say Ich gehe zu House, it means I go home. If you say Ich bin zu House, it means I am home. Hope this helps.

May 23, 2014


Could "I walk home" be accepted? If you walk, it has to be on foot, hasn't it?

May 7, 2013


Yes, but 'gehen' in German also already implies that you do it on foot.

May 7, 2013


If I were going home by car, can I say "Ich gehe zu Auto..."? If not, what would be the right way?

April 15, 2014


No, that doesn't work in German. You'd have to use "Ich fahre mit dem Auto".

April 16, 2014


Yes, saying one walks home on foot is redundant. One can go home on foot but that particular translation is poor English grammar.

November 13, 2014


why not I am going instead of I go?

March 3, 2014


You can say it, it's the same.

March 18, 2015


Why is wrong - I go on foot to house? Hause is house, so? Please, answer!

November 5, 2013


'Haus' is 'house,' and is a building built for permanent living in that is distinct from an apartment, hotel, or other living accommodations. A house is a house even if nobody lives there; it's just the building.

'Hause' is 'home,' and is a specific place someone or something lives. It doesn't even have to be a house to be your home. A rabbit's burrow is its home even though it's not a house.

March 25, 2014


Is "I go by foot to home" correct English? The "to home" part sounds weird to me...

June 8, 2013


No, you'd say 'to go home on foot' or just 'to walk home' in English. EDIT: by -> on

June 8, 2013


I was thinking that, too... But the software offered "I go by foot to home" as an alternative for translation.

June 8, 2013


I don't know what language that is but it doesn't look like English ;-) The software is far from being perfect. Speaking of bad English: my suggestion above should read 'to go home on foot' ;-)

June 8, 2013


Thanks wataya!

June 9, 2013


What about, " I go home by foot".

January 22, 2015


Why I got wrong on "I go to house on foot." DL gave me answer "I go to my house on foot." where is "mein" in the sentence.

September 14, 2013


Another way of saying 'home' is 'my house.'

September 20, 2013


Same here...

February 7, 2015


"I walk home on foot"... Why not 'by foot'?

November 30, 2013


We do say "by car" but use "on foot." Sometimes "by" refers to a method but "on foot" notes that we are walking on our feet. When we want someone to stand up, we often say "get on your feet." Each language has its own quirks regarding prepositions.

May 3, 2014


Thank you

May 7, 2013


I wonder how elect the preposition "to" or "at" from the different preposition für, um, an, auf, bei, mit, nach, zu. is there any rule for know about this?

November 8, 2013


This confuses me too. So far, I think we have to know every word along with its preposition as it is

February 19, 2014


"i go to home on foot" and he claims I missed a word?

March 29, 2014


Why not "By walk" ?

May 13, 2014


I had to choose from given words. The only possible answer for me was I walk home on foot. As if I could walk any other way. Duo accepted it

July 27, 2014


'I am going by foot to the house' is correct in my opinion.

September 25, 2014


It is 'on foot'. One only uses 'by' when referring to vehicles: as in, 'by car'.

October 4, 2014


I had: "I go home walking" what is wrong with that?

December 3, 2014


Sounds more sensible and avoids all the controversies.

February 9, 2015


Why is 'i am going on foot to the house ' wrong?

February 12, 2015
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