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Constant firefox crashes during skill strengthen today

Hey long time Duo user, today for some reason every time I go through a few questions in my daily refresh Firefox crashes out. I tried starting fresh, no other open windows, it's happening consistently. Checked and there were no updates to FF or Win10 today, restarts didn't change the behavior. Anyone else experiencing this or have any suggestions? Gonna finish my exercises on my phone for tonight.

November 14, 2017



Anyone else experiencing this or have any suggestions?

  • No problems in "Firefox for Linux" at this moment
    (Firefox ESR 52.4.0 (64 bit) on Linux Mageia 5)

  • Follow the advice of phopkins1: Try the Chrome browser

Gonna finish my exercises on my phone for tonight.

Please, check in the browser of your phone if your XP are synchronized with the Duolingo servers (if you care for your big streak).


This is on my laptop, phone app worked fine last night. I couldn't get any of the crash details but I'll turn on tracing in FF if it happens again today. I'm on FF 56.0.2 and Win10


Sorry, I was not clear enough. If you use the App, you always need to check if your XP in the App have synchronized with the Duolingo servers. You can do this by logging in your account in the browser of you phone.


Interesting to know. I use the app whenever I'm on the road for work and that's never been an issue for my sync/streak but I'll keep an eye on that in the future. No problem using Chrome today, I'll swap to that going forward. Thanks!

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