"O své tělo, díky němuž je velmi úspěšná, se dobře stará."

Translation:She takes good care of her body, thanks to which she is very successful.

November 14, 2017

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This is a very odd sentence. Does it mean she is successful because of her body? I can't imagine anyone ever saying this.


Yes, that is the meaning. And I don't have a problem to imagine this sentence in a tabloid when talking about an actress.


I don't know what's odd about it. There are many "professions" where looks are one's most important attribute, and they are a big advantage in many others as well. Never heard of models?


This is indeed an odd sentence, but she might be a sportswoman. That's actually what came to my mind first.


This statement could well be made about a female celebrity. What I found odd is the word order, which I had to look at for several minutes before I could figure it out.


is it wrong? should it?

she is very succesful thanks to her body that she takes good care of


that replace with which

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