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I Earned My Second Golden Owl

I began Duolingo about 8 months ago. My motivation for learning German, at the time, was an upcoming 3 week business trip to Austria. I thought it might be helpful for getting around Vienna and to better understand my colleagues. What I actually discovered was just how much fun learning a language can be. I have been hooked ever since.

It took me about 5 months to complete the German-from-English tree. I would begin each Duolingo session by gilding any skills that needed it, before starting a new lesson. After completion of the German-from-English tree, I began the English-from-German (Reverse) tree. This took around 3 months to complete. Once again, I would begin with gilding any skills that needed it, in both trees, before moving on to a new lesson. If a lesson seemed difficult, I would repeat it several times until it was no longer difficult.

My current statistics are as follows:

German-from-English: Level 18, Fluency 66%, Words: 2547

English-from-German: Level 13, Fluency 75%, Words: 1765

In addition to Duolingo, I have been using other resources to help me learn, such as Books, YouTube, and another language learning course. I have also found the Duolingo Forums to be an excellent learning tool as well.

Vielen Dank Duo!

November 14, 2017



That's fantastic -- both your results and your self-realization. Good for you!

(I don't know if you've tried Lingvist, but it is still in free beta until the new year. I have found their French vocab quite good for newspaper-level reading, and they have German available as well :)


I have not tried Lingvist, but I will take a look. Thanks for the tip and the kind words.


Did you already to go to österreich? Loved it there. That's why it started duolingo. I loved their language and culture.


My business trip to Wien was in May and I had a great time. My colleagues made it very special for me. I agree with you about the language and culture. The Austrians are wonderful people.


Well done! I just yesterday got my German owl back for the third time.


Herzlichen Gl√ľckwunsch

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