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I Earned My Second Golden Owl

I began Duolingo about 8 months ago. My motivation for learning German, at the time, was an upcoming 3 week business trip to Austria. I thought it might be helpful for getting around Vienna and to better understand my colleagues. What I actually discovered was just how much fun learning a language can be. I have been hooked ever since.

It took me about 5 months to complete the German-from-English tree. I would begin each Duolingo session by gilding any skills that needed it, before starting a new lesson. After completion of the German-from-English tree, I began the English-from-German (Reverse) tree. This took around 3 months to complete. Once again, I would begin with gilding any skills that needed it, in both trees, before moving on to a new lesson. If a lesson seemed difficult, I would repeat it several times until it was no longer difficult.

My current statistics are as follows:

German-from-English: Level 18, Fluency 66%, Words: 2547

English-from-German: Level 13, Fluency 75%, Words: 1765

In addition to Duolingo, I have been using other resources to help me learn, such as Books, YouTube, and another language learning course. I have also found the Duolingo Forums to be an excellent learning tool as well.

Vielen Dank Duo!

November 14, 2017



That's fantastic -- both your results and your self-realization. Good for you!

(I don't know if you've tried Lingvist, but it is still in free beta until the new year. I have found their French vocab quite good for newspaper-level reading, and they have German available as well :)


I have not tried Lingvist, but I will take a look. Thanks for the tip and the kind words.


Did you already to go to österreich? Loved it there. That's why it started duolingo. I loved their language and culture.


My business trip to Wien was in May and I had a great time. My colleagues made it very special for me. I agree with you about the language and culture. The Austrians are wonderful people.


Well done! I just yesterday got my German owl back for the third time.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch


Your results are impressive. Congratulation! ☺

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Congrats! I too started learning a language for a trip and found that Duolingo makes learning a language can be fun.


Good job. My motivation for learning german is my girlfriend and vision of living and working in Germany next year with her. I met her while my study abroad this year. I worked in Germany the whole summer and when i have possibility and a little bit of free time (i am still student) i immadiately go to visit my girlfriend. Duolingo helped me a lot, especially with vocabulary and speaking skills, but i am really struggling to understand german people (dialekt included). Any tips for better understanding ?


I found YouTube to be an excellent resource for improving my understanding. In particular, I like the channels, "Learn German with Ania" and "Easy German". These videos allow you to hear different people actually speaking German and at different speeds. "Easy German" includes both Women and Men speaking, so you get to hear a mix of high and low voices as well.

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