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In what skill exactly is is introductions like "je m'appelle"? I'm just like really let down that this course didn't immediately teach me that. How to say men and women and girls and boys, greeting and apologies, but no introductions? Dolphins and Strawberries are more important than introducing yourself? Really?

November 14, 2017



The verb "appeler" is introduced in Present1.

"Je m'appelle" is introduced in Pronouns (because of "m'"), which is the 17th Skill after Basic1.


God, that's kinda sad.


I can not answer your French question, but AFAIK there are differences in course/tree content....look at the new Czech course.
It is the very first skill! I read they are doing something there differently.

To be funny: I always call this bulls.... vocabulary...that teaching-style and skills got onto my nerves too! :-)

Well, maybe (or probably, as I have seen it with my own Portuguese tree after 3-4 months) a Duo tree may not be the best concept to effectively / didactically learn within 90-365days how to "actively speak" a language? I am not that sure....

....but when I compare Duo to the 90 days #add1challenges where you have to SPEAK, listen and record 3-4 videos of yourself.....I am wondering:

How the heck can one do this with learning only on DuoLingo???
I could not; and www.bliubliu.com challenges where even shorter - only 30 days.

Try the 100 days www.50languages.com course which has native recorded MP3 audio.

You can also find user-created courses "50 languages" on Memrise, so you can effectively learn and review the words and sentences.....besides listening to the MP3 audio.

Are you ready to use DuoLingo for ~1-1,5 years to finish your tree?

Using Memrise (for vocabulary reviews, some Portuguese BR courses like PT Basic, PT1-6) in parallel, it took me ~1 year to finish my Portuguese tree (only 1 lesson open; not all golden).

Well, you may be able to push quicker through the tree depending how many skills you complete each day, but I am not sure if you could retain/recall all vocabulary in that way.... ....or even write (translate L1->L2) by RECALLING into the target language French.

I have e.g to do this RECALLING for reviews with the activated user scripts on Memrise, whereas DuoLingo changes the L1->L2 ratio on their reverse tree, but not the forward tree.

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