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  5. "Faridi anasafisha ndoo?"

"Faridi anasafisha ndoo?"

Translation:Is Faridi cleaning the bucket?

November 14, 2017


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Why can it not be Faridi is cleaning the bucket? It means the same.

November 14, 2017


Because there is a question mark?

January 20, 2018


Can you say "buckets"? Or is the word different when plural?

July 16, 2018


"Ndoo" is the plural of "ndoo", like many words in the N-class (nyumba moja, nyumba mbili). Duo should also accept the word "pail(s)" as a translation for "ndoo." I have tried to report these things, but it is difficult since it has been impossible for quite some time now to include comments in the "report".

February 9, 2019
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