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Decrease in Quality?

I'll admit I'm not the most experienced with Duolingo's French program, but I've been coming back and relearning, and the program just seems off-? Likes its different, and a lot more simplistic. For each lesson there's only 7-8 exercises, which feels very basic if you're trying to learn five new words. ANd it bothers me especially because I remember the exercises being a bit more rigorous and effective, but now some of them are gone- and take for example lesson 5 of animals where you should learn Poule, yet in none of the excersizes does the word appear(and your only learning two new words for the whole lesson! how do you forget one of them!) . Words have been added to my flashcards that I've never learned, and if I'm truthfully trying to learn a language, should I really put stock into any of this?

Am I the only one who's noticed this? I know the team at Duolingo try really hard, this just feels like a step backwards, where instead they should challege us more, and improve their programs by adding more and more diverse language learning strategies.

November 14, 2017

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Are you using the web portal or mobile apps? If the latter: IOS or Android?

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