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"The students cross together at the crosswalk."

Translation:학생들이 횡단보도를 같이 건너요.

November 14, 2017



學生들이 橫斷步道를 같이 건너요


don't hate me, but this is the kind of stuff teacher make you write 100 time for punishment


It should be appropriate to use "횡단보다에서" here since it says "at" the crosswalk, instead of "cross" the crosswalk, right?


횡단보에서 -- but it doesn't work anyway. It's like saying "from the crosswalk" and you are not already on the crosswalk when you go to cross it. The only option seems to be (횡단보도)를 here. There's 횡단 보도로 but that's the instrumental sense, so it's more like "by"/"with" the crosswalk. In terms of place it would mean "to" which makes no sense . . .

"횡단보도 곳에 다다라서" = "reaching the pedestrian crossing" -- and that's about as close as I can get to the feel of "at the crosswalk" . . .


I thought 를 is the object marker; shouldn't the translation read: "the students crossed the crosswalk together"?


를 is indeed the object marker, however the action of crossing '건너요' is not in past tense '건넜어요' so its just "the students cross the crosswalk together"

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