"Jsou tady dopisy od několika lidí."

Translation:There are letters from several people here.

November 14, 2017

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"There are letters here from several people" should also be correct


I agree with the earlier comments. I think here should qualify letters rather than several people (among those present). The meaning is quite different.


I agree with the previous three comments and would like to add that "There are letters from several people here" should also be acceptable.


That is literally the main official translation. At least as of now.


I would agree with previous comments. In the answer given in english here refers to people and not there are as suggested by Vladu. If you were to refer to there are it should be there are letters here from.....


I accepted it. It may become the main translation in the future.


In this English sentence, what "here" refers to is ambiguous and could be either "there are" or "people"---it's not clear by the context, so I'd say you're both right. If i wanted to be clear that "here" referred to people, I'd resolve the ambiguity by making "here" refer to "several" by saying, "there are letters from several OF THE people here."


There are letters from several people. I do not like this most correct translation in the czech course. "here"


Your sentence lacks any location. "There are" simply mean they exist.


What about 'Here are the letters from several people'?


For me that is: Tady jsou ty dopisy od několika lidí.

A different sentence used in a different situation. But that my be a lack of understanding the nuances of English on my side...


I (native AmE) would agree with VladaFu that "Here are the letters from several people" does not have the same meaning as "There are letters from several people here."


Could you tell me the difference, please?


The key to the difference is the word "the" in your suggested sentence -- "Here are THE letters from several people."

"The" is a definite article, and including it means we're talking about some particular letters that we know something about already. For example, "Here are the letters from several people... that Matěj told you about yesterday." "... who want to nominate you for the Nobel Prize." "... which were mailed from outside the UK." in contrast, the sentence in this exercise simply refers to "letters from several people" that happen to be "here."

As VladaFu mentioned, an accepted translation that is very similar to your suggested sentence is "Here are letters from several people." It is almost identical to yours, but it does not include the word "the."


Actually, we do accept:

Here (there) are letters from several people.

But I do not like "the letters" as noted in my previous comment.


Would someone who knows Czech please tell me what TADY refers to in the original Czech sentence-- letters or people? If the former, then "There are here letters from several people" should be accepted (it was not). If the latter, HERE can go at the end, as in the accepted English translation.


tady refers to the verb (jsou tady - are here), and hence indirectly to the letters.

If you believe anything should be accepted, report it using the button. I am not in the position of evaluating your proposed order.


I wrote: "There are here letters from several people." I believe it sounds legit to me.


"There are HERE letters..." is strange. Although you would be understood if you used it, I would not expect it to be accepted. Something very similar -- "There are letters HERE..." -- may be among the accepted translations.

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