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Fluency in German Hit 70% Today

Very encouraged that after just under two years of daily practice, I have managed to get the 70% fluency rating in German! I obviously realise that the fluency percentage is the bluntest of instruments, but at least it is something to aim for in Duolingo. Does anybody know how high the fluency percentage in German can go?

November 14, 2017



I just hit the 70% yesterday as well. I'm not quite ready to hit the streets of Berlin or Vienna yet...but it feels good.


Huge congratulations. I suspect you may do better in Vienna and Berlin than you think! Of course, I am learning German so as to read it, but being able to speak a little is definitely a bonus


I have 62 percent and i assure you I do not understand the language that much at all. I doubt I could converse with a German toddler. I have about 50 lessons left and I still get massively confused on order of sentences etc. I told myself recentlt- just keep ploughing through it.


I'm at 66% and could converse with a German toddler if that toddler spoke slowly and very distinctly, and waited patiently for me to formulate a halting response. But I'm better than I used to be!


Lol. That would have to be one patient toddler. If anyone could do it - it would be a German toddler.


I think the whole idea would be rather than your conscious brain understanding the grammar let it take sublimely.So once you hit all lessons you have to keep repeating for atleast 4 months more with same pace and i think you would converse it nicely ;) Best of luck mate


Hello! I am from Ukraine. I stude German with Duolingo, and little English! I study English in school, because I don't speek free English! But I study German and English with Duolingo!


You are getting on very well with your English. Well done, and keep up the good work :-). That was a good English paragraph.


My level reached 70 on saturday. On my reverse tree reached 75.


Congratulations! How long have you been learning German for on Duolingo? :-)


Started november 23, 2015


Thank you. Around the same time as me :-)


Looking at your profile, i believe we have different language goals. Yours to understand difficult text, mine to achieve verbal fluency at least to a B2 level. Hopefully we will both achieve our desired goals. Good luck


Congrats! Only just now did I hit 45%!


Well done. Keep up the great work and watch it rise ☺


Ich habe gerade 70% erreicht. Wir haben es geschafft!

If our suspicions are correct, that Duolingo changed its fluency algorithm, it would be hard to say how high it can go. It could be some time before people reach a new cap or 70% could be it.


Many thanks. I did wonder whether Duolingo had simply set a new ceiling of 70%. Wir werden sehen!!


And huge congratulations on reaching 70% also! ☺


Also, they did change the algorithm. Now, it goes by amount correct and amount of lessons taken instead of just lessons

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That's the highest I remember hearing of.


Hi Steve:

Congratulations on reaching this milestone! I've managed 71% in learning German from English. I began around the end of July 2016. However I also had some background in German beforehand, mainly speaking. Going in the other direction, English from German, I've managed 75%.


I just started the reverse tree recently, so am only up to 69% on that one, but it's nice to learn new words over there as practice lately on the German tree seems to be giving me a lot of the same practice sessions again and again even though I'm doing them perfectly. But also at 71% on my German from English.


Wow! So 71% is possible! Very well done indeed :-)


glückwünsche! Ich freue mich so für dich ;)


Thank you very much indeed :-)


Congratulations! I also reached 70% last night. I have tried to research the topic of fluency and some sites discussing languages say the average native speaker of a language is around 80% fluent. I find that (the 70%) hard to believe because I still have a lot of difficulty reading German news site (Der Spiegel e.g.) and also have difficulty when watching German shows and movies on YouTube. I have also read a German high school level graduate has an average vocabulary around 5000 words; however, I am still under 3000 words. Words I easily recognize in writing are missed when heard spoken. I will just continue to practice Duolingo and use German Media and hope I can continually improve. Best of Luck!


I find Duolingo to be quite lacking when it comes to vocabulary. I strongly recommend Lingvist for learning new vocabulary. I recently completed a course there and it taught me a few thousand new words on top of those I learnt from Duolingo.


I haven't practised German with Duo for a few weeks and my fluency went from 52% to 54%:) As someone below mentioned, it is possible that Duo has tweaked the Algorithm!


Congratulations again! And I am curious about your results in the next week. ;-)


Congratulations Steven!

I have just re-gilded my German apple tree today and reached level 17 with a fluency rating of 66%. How can they attempt to measure your fluency without hearing you read? This is surely possible with today's technology. 70% is impressive and is the highest value I have seen so far.

The complete sound sound system has now been down for a few days, promising return. within an hour!

Perhaps such a major upgrade is happening right now.


A new maths question - How many days are there in an hour???


Don't you do the spoken exercises? I have that option, to speak German into the microphone. I don't know how good their grading is, but they do have exercises where you speak.


Congrats, possible they've tweaked algorithm. I'm at 61% now, I'd be very surprised if it doesn't go to 100%. Because that's how they define and compare Duolingo to other benchmarks , B2 etc.


Keine Ahnung, aber 71% ist möglich.


IDK, but I do know that even though it says my fluency level is 35%, I grew up in Switzerland and know the language incredibly well. I just started using Duolingo again I was inactive for awhile.


Start practicing with other instruments if you want true fluency. Duolingo is a good startup but it only gives you a feel for the grammar. I used to live in Berlin, but it was 20 years ago and I've had no one to practice with so I'm picking it back up. I could talk with drunk taxi drivers and my neighbors then - what I have at 55% now would let me read the easy sections of the newspaper (if I had a dictionary handy).


Thank you for the good advice :-)


I'm only slightly ahead of you and it took me a bit longer than two years, so congratulations. I've seen a claim of 77%. I'll let you know. ;-)


Nicht schlecht. Dann auf nach Berlin und dort mit Leuten ins Gespäch kommen...

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