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  5. "I scold my children."

"I scold my children."

Translation:Eu îi cert pe copiii mei.

November 14, 2017



How is "îi" pronounced?


I can't seem to get this right, on another exercise with females in the accusative I put îi this time I thought I had the hang of it and it's îi not le. I guess it's because of gender. I've just looked up the pronouns lesson but it says the same for feminine and masculine. Am I missing something I should know. Thank you.


did you make sure to write copiii not copii?

BTW, it is not the same

accusative sgl male îl, l- (stressed pe el) sgl female o, o-(stressed pe ea)

accusative plural male îi (stressed pe ei), i- female le, le-(stressed pe ele)

but you are right the lesson overview says it is le for both. got my pronoun info from wikigrammar before I started.

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