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Same rewards for app and website (suggestion)


I have found many discussions around the topic "the app is easier than the website", but that is not my point. My suggestion is about the reward system. The (Android) app has some additional rewards compared to the website:

a) Completing a new lesson in the app gives a "combo bonus" of up to 5 XP.

b) Sometimes there is an offer for a small quiz which grants 15 XP. I realize this is an incentive to give feedback for improving Duolingo.

c) Recently the app added a feature where you can select one of three chests and get a few lingots extra.

I used to use the website, but nowadays during my commute I use the app and was surprised by the difference. I am a casual learner with a 10 XP daily goal and now I make about twice the XP - for arguably easier lessons.

That feels unfair. Duolingo has leaderboards to compare and compete with friends, and some people are motivated by them. Therefore I think regardless of the platform, the rewards should be the same. Specifically, I'd suggest:

a) Add the "combo bonus" to the website (but maybe tweak the numbers a little)

b) Replace the 15 XP reward with some lingots

c) Add the "three chests" to the website or remove it from the app



P.S.: I only use the Android app and don't know if the rewards on iOS are different. Of course I think they should not be.

November 14, 2017



I agree with you, it does seem weird to have better rewards for people because they use the app as opposed to computer version


I think they are consciously pushing people to the app, and putting their efforts into that programming. Me, I never use it as it is so much simpler.


iOS is different, it doesn't get the bonus chests but instead has chat bots (but no stories).

Since most people use the apps, it makes sense to put more effort in there. I am not rushing to install an android emulator to get these benefits either, they seem pretty small compared to actually learning a language.

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