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What is the point of earning lingots/gems if there's nothing to spend them on?

Other than streak freezes and the 2 bonus subjects - I don't know why one should get lingots/gems. Seems pretty useless! What do you all think?


November 14, 2017



Here are 5 lingots


You are able to give them away to comments and posts you like or feel are appropriate. Here is a Lingot. :)


I had the same feeling, another language website had a garden feature where if you were doing well in your learning then a garden would grow, I know it isn't much but it was kinda like a growth chart and you could use the website currency to add things to your garden for decoration. It would be nice to have something like that to put the lingots to use.


they might also be used to motivate beginners


"Other than streak freezes and the 2 bonus subjects" If you buy those often enough, you will see that the amount of lingots that come in are just enough to keep those purchased :)


hello DreamOfFLying! You will see more lingots coming in as your streak gets longer. For every 10 days streak Duolingo gives you 1 lingot. For example: when your streak is 30 days, you'll get 3 lingots etc.


hi.. what is motivating you to learn so many languages..


hi Jos580622, Russian and Portuguese just for curiosity, and all the other languages because I know people who speak the languages, and I want to be able to speak with them, or at least understand a little more about how their language works. :-)


they are pretty and they make good gifts. :-)


You can give them away! Leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling inside : )


You can also use them to buy Duo swanky outfits. Who doesn't want an owl that's fabulously dressed?


You could give them away.


They will probably implement more things to spend them on but for now there is only a few.


You could give them to people who make you laguh. (hinthint)


Recent update adds new items to virtual store. But they also make you feel rich$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, as well as make good gifts, here are 12 Lingots (;

(there is two regular letter S in these dollar signs see if you can find them(;

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