"I like this dog."

Translation:Ich mag diesen Hund.

March 15, 2013

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    we put diesen here instead of dieser because hund is accusative object?


    Why does ''diesen'' stand for ''this'' here? Why not ''dieses'' ?


    Because Dieses is used for nouns that are neutral. Hund is masculine. (Der Hund) You would use Dieses is in "Ich mag dieses Buch."


    And because it's accusative.


    What would you put in for a feminine word?


    Hund is maskulin. And diesen ist maskulin Akkusativ


    Can we not put "Ich mag dieser Hund" as it is masculine..


    But you have to remember that it's accusative so -er becomes -en.


    Why not "ich mag dieser hund" as dog is masculine (der)


    Appearantly no one made my mistake! Ich mag das Hund. Because i thought das meant this and that too. Am i wrong?


    It's because Hund is Masculine, so it would be Der not Das. Also, in this instance, Duo wants you to use this so you would use diesen.

    Keep in mind that moegen is an accusative verb, so Der changes to Den.


    i thought das could be used as this/that no matter what gender is. but as an article i know it can only be used for neuter nouns.


    I see what you mean! When it comes to using this you either use diese (which Duo recommends as does my German friend) or you can just use the noun's article. Meaning: Der Hund can be that dog or this dog depending on context when spoken in German. Das Fenster - this/that window Die Hochzeit -this/that marriage


    does that mean "Die ist meine Frau" can also mean that is my wife??


    "Dieser Hund gefällt mir." Does this mean..."this dog is liked by me?"


    It could be if you literally translate it. But when you say: "Es gefällt mir." It is just a common way to say, "I like it.". Like a example, Facebook "like" button in Deutsch is called "Gefällt mir" actually. If you find it weird, you can also say: "Ich mag es.", both terms are accepted.


    Not weird, but now much clearer. Thanks!

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