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Hi! Help Request! Anyone here speak Japanese?

Hi, I'm learning Japanese from English and I would like some advice. Also, if anyone is fluent in Japanese, I'd appreciate someone being willing to have conversations with me in Japanese as I get more advanced. I'm at the very beginning of learning Hiragana, and I'd love any advice anyone has. Thanks, and happy learning! -Lady Juliette LaMagie.

November 14, 2017



Here are some resources that will help you in your study (click on the gray text). My suggestion is that you study them in the order they are numbered:

duolingo’s Hiragana and Katakana card decks on Tinycards

Kanji card deck on Tinycards

Can you give some links about Japanese? by knudvaneeden

Language guides to help with learning Japanese by HelpfulDuo

For beginners, I prepared Japanese pronunciation, reading, and writing resources

Japanese lesson series by oribaakki

The Tae Kim's Guide to learning Japanese

For further study check out the resources in this post:

Your #1 favorite Japanese learning resource (outside of Duolingo) by Usagiboy7

Good luck.


Thank you so much! This will definitely be helpful in my study of the Japanese language. I hope to travel to Japan one day, and this will help me get there. Again, thanks a lot!



Anata wa nihongo o hanasu nodesu ka, hajimete imasu ka?


I'm sorry, I don't speak that much Japanese yet. I'm still learning the Hiragana syllables.


Oh yeah so you're still learning the syllables


Yeah. Any advice for memorizing them?


does not worry about memorizing but on having a base type not record the word but the meaning of such a word understood well and my way of learning do not know if it works with another person but I study like this and it has worked


more listen a type song in its native language and then transpose it to the Japanese our voce understands what you are listening type I listen a music in Portuguese and then I pass it to English I understand everything but have to listen more than once the same because it does not work


Okay, so just listen to the sounds and I'll get there.


okay good luck for you


I recommend using Tinycards, first for hiragana, then katakana, and finally kanji, as Arachnje recommends (above). Do several go-arounds EACH, and then review regularly.

In addition, I get some index cards (or blank business cards) and make my own flash cards, especially for those that I find hard to remember, and take them with me, so I can review them when I have a spare minute here and there.

This is different from doing it on the phone - the physical act of writing, and handling the cards, and looking at the physical paper copy adds a layer to the memorization process.

In fact, with really hard words, I use a long strip of paper, and after I review each word, I write it on that paper for extra reinforcement (i.e., the physical act of writing) and of course, I also say the word. And then I fold it over, so there's a new blank area at the top. Good luck.



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