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Error in Tips for Pronouns?

Elle parle beaucoup des (de + les) pâtes. — She speaks a lot about the pasta.
I think that this is incorrect. It is always: beaucoup de or beaucoup d' never: beaucoup des.

Same thing for: combien de (never des).

November 14, 2017



"Beaucoup des" and "combien des" are possible. They can refer to specific people or things.



This is a tricky one. But actually "elle parle beaucoup des pâtes" is correct.

You're right: You usually can't say "beaucoup des" if you want to say "a lot of". So you would say "J'ai beaucoup de pâtes" and never "J'ai beaucoup des pâtes".

BUT... Here "beaucoup" is not used in relation to the pasta. The person speaks a lot, she doesn't have a lot of pasta. She speaks a lot... ABOUT the pasta.

If you look at the sentence, you can see that it would work without beaucoup. "Elle parle des pâtes". - She speaks about the pasta. Here you just want an adverb to say that she does that a lot, so you say "Elle parle BEAUCOUP des pâtes. Elle parle beaucoup... à propos des pâtes. So this is correct. :)


good observation


Good question. It brought out some great answers.

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