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How many trees have you finished?

Not how many you have started but actually finished. Also, which languages.

I'm getting close to finishing my first tree (French). Then I'm going to choose my next language to concentrate on in Duolingo.

November 14, 2017



I've finished 11 trees:

1.- English from Spanish
2.- Spanish from English
3.- German from English
4.- Esperanto from English
5.- Esperanto from Spanish
6.- High Valyrian from English
7.- Irish from English
8.- Catalan from Spanish
9.- Portuguese from English
10.- Romanian from English
11.- Guaraní (Jopará) from Spanish


So, Is your esperanto flag (level 14) from english or from spanish?


It's from Spanish, I'm still level 13 from English, I believe there is one or two more skills from Spanish than from English, I don't know why.


Good job. Are you concentrating on a new tree now?


Yes, I think I'm going to finish my Swedish or French tree in this month.

EDIT: Now that Peru is going to the World Cup after 36 years, I think I will dedicate all my time to russian.


Wow; good job! Here's a lingot!


I have Finished three!! I have finished Norwegian, German and French! (I've finished the french tree twice!)


Great. It looks like you have gotten pretty far in Hungarian.


Haha I’ve only done like 28 skills, I just have to constantly review everything or else I have to use the hover hints nonstop when I do new skills

  1. Portuguese
  2. Esperanto
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. French
  6. Japanese


Impressive. Is Korean your next language?

[deactivated user]
    1. French from English
    2. Spanish from English
    3. Dutch from English
    4. Esperanto from English
    5. Italian from English
    6. Catalan from Spanish
    7. Welsh from English
    8. Czech from English
    9. Guaraní from Spanish
    10. Danish from English
    11. German from English
    12. Greek from English


    Wow. Nice mix of languages.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you! ❤


      Grats on your trees! I'm particularly jealous of Welsh. How did you find it? I'm level 23 and I'm STILL nowhere near finished, and I'm Welsh - you put me to shame lol!

      Also, you've finished Czech and you're level 13 in Polish. How similar have you found the two to be? Would you say one is easier than the other? Polish is at the top of my wishlist, but I'm still unsure about Czech, haha.

      [deactivated user]

        I just spent two days marathoning it, eyes glued to the computer screen most of the time. My brain was fried afterwards. (×_×)

        As for Czech and Polish, Czech is much easier in terms of pronunciation. I hope they put speaking exercises into Polish soon because it is just an endless barrage of tongue-twisters in comparison to Czech. The grammar is still tricky like Polish but the spelling is easier. So I would say that Czech is easier even though it's not exactly a breeze.


        I have finished 21 trees. I work on a lot of different trees, depending on the day and mood, this way I almost never get bored. This is a list of the trees I work on more (with the current level and if it is completed or not) :

        Catalan from Spanish: level 25 , completed.

        German from Spanish: level 23, completed.

        French from Spanish: level 23, completed.

        Italian from Spanish: level 23, completed.

        Portuguese from Spanish: level 19, completed.

        English from Spanish: level 17, completed.

        Esperanto from Spanish: level 15, completed.

        German from English: level 25, completed.

        Japanese from English: level 22.

        Esperanto from English: level 21, completed.

        French from English: level 20, completed.

        Italian from English: level 20, completed.

        Norwegian from English: level 19.

        Portuguese from English: level 17, completed.

        Romanian from English: level 16.

        Spanish from English: level 15, completed.

        Chinese from English: level 13.

        Russian from English: level 13.

        Dutch from English: level 12.

        Korean from English: level 11.

        French from Italian: level 15, completed.

        English from Italian: level 15, completed.

        German from Italian: level 13.

        English from French: level 16, completed.

        Italian from French: level 15, completed.

        Spanish from French: level 14, completed.

        German from French: level 13.

        Portuguese from French: level 12.

        Spanish from German: level 19, completed.

        English from German: level 16, completed.

        French from German: level 14.

        German from Portuguese: level 14.

        Spanish from Portuguese: level 13, completed.

        French from Portuguese: level 12.

        English from Portuguese: level 11.

        Italian from Portuguese: level 10.

        English from Japanese: level 8.

        English from Romanian: level 7.

        English from Dutch: level 7.

        There is no timetable/plan whatsoever. I don't even know if I will go on or stop at any moment. This is just a hobby. And there are no goals either (besides having fun and satisfying my curiosity about languages in general).

        By the way, I know a user that has finished 40-something trees and he appears in this thread :-).


        Congrats on Catalan level 25!


        Why congrats on Catalan? (I have worked much more on German, Italian, French and Portuguese, for example, than on Catalan).


        Few study Catalan at all. Very few study it to any noteworthy extent. It is a language I focus on, so it stands out to me. And I assumed, perhaps erroneously, it was a pretty recent thing.


        How long did it take you to learn all those trees?!


        I started 26 months ago.


        I'm curious how many languages in real life are you fluent in or conversational in at least?


        0, :[

        What in the world? Typing "0." turns it into "1." So weird...

        1. test
        2. test1

        That's markdown auto numbering. I wrote a zero in front of each line.


        It's automatically creating a numbered list.


        llllll (-3) :-) (Still haven't recaptured Welsh 2.0, and only barely started Czech <-> English) My ultimate goal is to complete the Finnish tree though :-D


        Great. I definitely want to learn Czech.


        (-3) ? My goodness! What is that? (I don't know how many trees there are in total), (-3 ) = 50-something ?


        loooooo (-2) now, Welsh 2.0 is back in the nest :-).

        The -2 isn't relative to the total amount but to my interim target: to complete all trees from EN, SP and DE plus all their reverse and ladder combinations.

        Seemed a fairly simple goal 4.5 years ago with just 5 common European languages, but now it's mostly trying to catch up :-D


        -5 now... Chinese is out, yay!!! :-D


        If I understand the system correctly, wouldn't Chinese coming out from English up/reduce (b/c negative number) the count by three, since there's English and Spanish from Chinese?


        Indeed, thanks! :-D


        @duonks What's been the hardest in that incredible forest?


        The hardest? Hmm... the first Russian tree turned into a bit of a nightmare towards the end, I found the Vietnamese vocabulary particularly difficult to remember, Hebrew was quite a nightmare throughout, and more recently, Korean (specially the reverse tree) turned into a bit of a slog...
        hard to decide on a single one, but I think it would be between Vietnamese and Hebrew :-)


        I think there are somewhere between 73 and 75 total trees now. Recently there were 72, and I'm just not sure if I checked again before or after Korean and Czech.


        Not yet but keep up that Spanish and you can do it.


        I've completed 4 trees: German, Spanish, Swedish, and English for German. Hopefully Japanese will be the fifth.


        I'm nothing special. I've only finished two, the French tree and its Reverse tree. What's more disappointing is that I've been here for three years, so you would think I would have done more...


        If it helps, I have been on here for 3 years and I haven't finished my tree yet. My goal is to finally finish my French tree by Christmas.


        Oh, well that's nice to know. ^ ^

        I have a problem with comparing myself to others, and thus, devaluing my worth. I need to stop it laughs sheepishly.

        I wish you luck on your tree(s)!


        I've only completed one tree, and I started on here 3 years ago come December. And that was a language I studied for 11 years! (French)

        So I wouldn't feel too bad about it :)

        [deactivated user]

          Well done all who have finished trees :) I have still yet to finish one yet but working on it, when someone says 'Reverse Tree', does that mean since I am doing Spanish for English speaker I would then do English for Spanish speaker? Also I have seen people mention 'laddering', not sure what that means either, sorry for the newbs questions! Keep working at it everyone!


          Laddering is to learn an "x" language from an "y" language. The "x" language can be one of your target languages, and the "y", is a language that you have studied till achieve fluency or at least at a high level.

          For example: In my case I am laddering English, I am a Spanish native speaker and I am learning English, which is at a high level, and through it I am learning German, Russian, Korean, etc.

          [deactivated user]

            Ah I see, thanks for the explanation! Hopefully one day I can do this also :)


            You're welcome.


            I believe most people interpret it as a kind of chain learning, going from language x to y, from y to z, from z to etc. On DL, that is basically only possible with the Romance languages, English and German, as there is only a limited amount of courses outside of English as base language and their reverse trees.


            You are correct with your assumption on what the Reverse tree is. ^ ^

            I actually don't know what "laddering" means. I used to know because someone had explained it in a post, but my memories of it have completely left my mind. Hopefully, someone can explain what laddering is to you!

            [deactivated user]

              Thanks for that, I think it will be a while before I am laddering anyway, whatever that is ;)


              i have finished 3 trees:

              1. spanish
              2. reverse korean (only one being solid gold)
              3. korean

              i joined duo in 2014 & should soon be done with catalan, german & swedish.


              I've finished 0 trees.

              [deactivated user]

                Zero trees finished


                I’ve finished the German and Swedish trees from English, but I’ve reset the courses unfortunately:/


                So far, I've finished the trees for Spanish (around 3 times), English (from Spanish), and Japanese. ^_^


                Only one: French from English. I'm not in a hurry to finish any other, although it would be nice if I could finish the German one.


                I have finished one tree: Spanish. I am not close to completing any others


                I have finished: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Esperanto, Portuguese, Swedish, and soon Dutch - all from English. I choose between focusing next on Irish, Danish or Russian.


                10: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Korean, Turkish, and Japanese. Hard to decide which to tackle next!


                I agree. There are so many great languages to choose from and they keep adding more languages.


                Did you know that there is a special thread "Golden Owl Hall of Fame" which lists how many people finished their trees (flags) and the max completion count?


                By my preferred interpretation of "finished" (i.e. have done each skill to an extent that I could easily complete several timed practices with good scores): 3, Russian and Portuguese from English and Guaraní from Spanish. I have a good number more golden owls than that, however :) just don't consider it a meaningful measure. Next up to "finish" is Catalan; I'm just a little over halfway there.


                Does a tree mean all five levels of every skill? Or just level 1 of every skill?

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