"Is this the road to Spain?"

Translation:Est-ce la route de l'Espagne ?

November 14, 2017

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Why is "Est-ce que la route de l'Espagne?" not accepted?


"Est-ce" = "Is this" or "Is it" whereas "Est-ce que" = "Is is that".
"Est-ce que" is used to turn a statement into a question.
Tu as faim.Est-ce que tu as faim ?
"You are hungry." → "Are you hungry ?"


This translation seems incorrect (for the sentence, “Is this the road to Spain?”). Should it not be “Est-ce la route en Espagne?” Espagne is a feminine country and you’re not saying “from Spain”, but “to Spain”.


La route de X is the road linked to X. It takes you from there but also to here, so same thing. I guess the English word "route" might be throwing you off, but the French one, at least here, is really closer to "road", it doesn't have a favoured direction embedded in.

La route vers l'Espagne would be just as correct and possibly a slightly closer translation

La route en Espagne would be either a road within Spain, or less likely the part of a given itinerary that lies within Spain.


Thank you so much for your response! I used “vers” the second time and it was accepted. I wish Duolingo would provide more practice on prepositions, with explanations following translations. It would be very helpful with these confusing usages!


I agree, Lorraine, trial and error without preparation isn't the best teaching method for sure.


How about "à l'Espagne"?


Confused again... if i hear la route de... How should i understand if it is the road to somewhere or from


Just the same question came to my head. How could we know if its to or it is from.


Please refer to the comment above by aucunLien, who I understand is a French national.

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I put in the correct answer but it told me it was wrong? I didn't capitalize the "e" in espagne. Is it actually that picky?


Yes - here "Espagne" is a proper noun referring to the country itself therefore it requires capitalisation.

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