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Flash cards

What happened to the flash cards in the Words section? The cards covered words already learnt and were great for revision.

November 14, 2017



They were removed.


i liked the cards. i just used them for the first time and now they are gone in a mater of hours.


I think you are talking about tinycards. The flashcards were removed a while ago.


Yes, as I've said before, I liked the flash cards as well. They have been replaced by Tinycards, which, in my opinion are not as effective, and appear to just be the words found in each lesson. The flashcards, identified an individual's vocabulary weaknesses and were an excellent enforcer of targeted words from the whole of the programme. I'm hoping in vain, that they return. Given the choice between achievement badges, which enhance the site, and flashcards, which enhanced my learning, I'll take the latter.

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