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Something is wrong, can you please help me?

Hello everybody! I'm trying to learn some French and when I get a task to talk my microphone dosen't record. Maybe you know why? I tested my microphone and it works as it should be working. Thanks, Titas ^^ <3

November 14, 2017



It doesn't always work. Mine always marked me wrong so I now use other sources for Speaking. Leave the Microphone (off) in your settings, or the Speaking Questions will show up and you will always get them wrong (since they don't work).

I'm not sure how to fix it, but try another device or check your computer.


Is it turned on in Settings? If you are using a computer, point the mouse at the arrow next to your profile name. A list will appear → click on "Settings" Check your microphone is marked as "on". If you have to turn it on, be sure to save changes before exiting.


If the Microphone wasn't on the Speaking Questions wouldn't even be in the lesson (for you would get questions wrong when you didn't want them). I do skills without speaking, and the speaking questions don't show up because my microphone is off.

So, Titas must've had his/her microphone on.


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