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canal ou chaîne de telegram?

hey guys. what are "telegram channels" called in french? i used to say "chaîne" de telegram as I have had learnt fot TV as well, but recently in the most recent version of telegram the option of languages has been improved. it offers telegram in different languages. when you change the language to french it is written "le canal''. I was taken aback to see that! because there is not such a definition for the word "canal" in french dictionaries. ANYWAY WHICH ONE IS CORRECT? THANKS

November 14, 2017



what do you mean by telegram?


the application of telegram in mobile phone. https://telegram.org/

[deactivated user]

    "Chaine" is like the surface, the interface, for example, "chaine de télévision", is like the interface for the channel while "canal" is more like the physical effect with the frequencies, for example, "le canal 9 est à 45MHz" you describe the scientific aspect. We also use "canal" for messages application like IRC.


    is "telegram" a subset of IRC?


    Logically it would be une chaîne, the same way we say "une chaîne Youtube". But if they chose to call it "un canal", it somehow makes sense.

    The concept of a "channel" in that case is only relevant to the Telegram app itself, so really it's not like there was an actual word for it, it's whatever they want to call it. So if they really say "un canal", I guess it's official. However "une chaîne" is the one we would naturally use if they didn't tell us otherwise.


    Quelques fois, nous disons un "canal de discussion", c'est plus une expression qu'autre chose, je suppose. Nous disons aussi "une chaîne de télévision".

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