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"You have to stay in the circle."

Translation:Tu dois rester dans le cercle.

November 14, 2017



Why can't I say "Tu as besoin de rester dans le cercle"?


avoir besoin de = "to need", while devoir = to have to, must

From WordReference:

Avoir besoin de = to need, to feel the need of, to require, to request

Falloir & devoir = have to, must, need in the sense of obligation, no choice

Falloir is most used in the impersonal form: il faut que... whereas devoir is agreeing with the subject: tu dois...

Also a great explanation by Sitesurf here:



Why not "Vous devez rester dans le cercle"?


That is a correct translation.

Did you report it? Sometimes it is due to the people behind the scenes (mostly volunteers) not having added all possible, eligible and correct translations to the list of acceptable responses. The best way to alert them is, next time you get this sentence, translate it as you have here and, if your translation is rejected, click on report and check the box that says "My answer should be accepted".

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Is this from the "Monkey King"? The monkey king had to go to find food for his master, and was afraid that the ghosts would harm his master while he was away, hence made a protection circle for the master. He told his master the sentence above.


Il faut rester dans le cercle. This might be the first time DL has missed this possibility. To say this is wrong is...I can't think of the words. Scandaleux! Fâcheux! Inconvénient!


D'accord, ma choix aussi.


Sea Bear from Spongebob

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