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Staying Active

Hi everyone! In both of my languages, Spanish and Polish, I really do want to someday be fluent. However, after getting a week streak, I suddenly find myself not getting on Duolingo for two weeks ;) I know it takes hard work to master a language, so how do you users stay active on a daily basis?

November 15, 2017



i always find myself a time to do Duolingo, the same time each day. for me, it's right before i go to sleep (which probably isnt healthy for my sleep schedule, but it's been working). i suggest doing this, and sticking to that one time you set aside to do Duolingo, and focus on that one activity for a certain amount of time


It sounds good! Yeah, I need to set aside a certain time because then, I can actually retain some of the crazy Polish words there are XD

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Maybe you are lying to yourself! You say "I really DO want..." and then you take off 2 weeks out 3! How bad do you really want to be fluent?-) IF you are serious, I suggest:

  1. Learn a new skill every day/week
  2. Review 1+ old skills every day

Learning a language is like many other long term activities that do not ( seem to) have immediate rewards until you are able to use the skill.

One motivator could be to find real goals for learning Spanish, Polish, etc and then try to learn enough of the language to where you can see the progress towards those goals. For example, I would learn Greek to find out more about some of my roots. One 'easy' motivator for me is to learn Greek one step ahead of my kids. They learn a 'useful' language and I know that one day I will be able to translate Greek documents that are not 'readily' available in English. The point here is to find intermediate milestones to your real goals...

HTH and keep owling! Daniel

PS, I took a lot of time to answer your question because you seemed candid with your audience!


Thank you! You really took time to answer my question. Especially with Polish, I can see how continuous exposure comes in handy! It is great to see devoted people like you! I an going to start out strengthening all my skills then move on from there! Thank you for the support!!! :)


I joined a few Duolingo clubs (on the phone app) and it motivates me to keep my xp up to stay high in the ranks. Since I have the app, when someone beats my XP I will get a notification that they have more XP than me. Not sure if you use the web version or the app version but as far as I know you can't see the clubs on the web version.


Yeah, I usually use the web version. It seems you really have a knack for this website :) 643 days! Congratulations. Hopefully, I can stay on top of it!


I do mine mostly on my work commute. You could try that (work or school).

As for not being motivated, maybe those just arent the right languages for you. I have not a jot of either South Asian or Italian heritage, and yet I’m mad for Italian and Hindi.


Ohhh.... Yeah. It isn't that I do not like the languages, but it is that, especially with Polish, it takes a lot of patience to memorize the usage, saying, and spelling of a word. For me, I just think that it would be useful to use these languages, especially Spanish out in the real world. Tanks for your response!


Maybe you should find a language you are TRULY interested in.


Spanish has been the language I have been exposed to all my life, and Polish what makes most of me up. I feel like these two would be the two I am most passion ate about!


Do your lessons first thing in the morning...gets the brain thinking!


I wake up at 6:00 for school Mon.-Fri. I do not think I am awake enough for Duolingo XD Thanks for the suggestion!

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