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User with Chinese level 12

While browsing the forum I've seen today the user with Chinese course level 12. My first thought "They made this course available for the app earlier, like with the Japanese and Korean!". I checked the app... and nothing, no Chinese course yet. So how is it possible that he was already doing the Chinese course?

November 15, 2017



Some people applied to be a Chinese course alpha tester, which means basically they got access to the course earlier through an access code and were able to test out the course and report back to DL.


I didn't know about those alpha tests. Thank you all for your replies! ;)


Ah. He is an A/B tester for the Chinese course.


Actually, this case isn't an A/B test. An A/B test splits everyone up into 2+ groups, each with a different thing that is the test subject. This is actually a alpha tester.


Yeah, I know that Chinese is still hatching. The only two things I could think of was that it was one of the creators, or you mistook it for Turkish. That is all I can come up with :) Are you thinking of taking it?


The user was probably an alpha tester

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