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If you wish to learn American Sign Language, why?

There have been a few discussion about ASL (American Sign Language) and there has been some interest in the language. I've wondered why some wish to learn this language. So let me ask....

Why do you want to learn ASL?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question.

November 15, 2017



Hi sweilan1,

I'll quote my reply to a post made by SamuelCristea asking What language intrigued you from the beginning?

For me, it was sign language.

I saw someone signing on an old tv show when I was a kid, and I was struck by the beauty and power of using one’s body gestures to convey thoughts, and fell for it immediately.

so to me, signing is my childhood passion (well, it started as passion). I don't know any people from the deaf community, and I may or may not need to use ASL in the future. But, the more I learned it the more I became aware of the importance of signing to communication and inclusion in any culture. I now want to learn the SL equivalent of every language I study, and since I am a Japanese speaker, I decided that JSL will be my next step once I've gained reasonable fluency in ASL.

I hope that answered your question.


I'm interested in learning British Sign Language, because I'm British, but that's similar enough that I can answer the question, I think.

In part, it's because I'm fascinated with languages, especially with languages that do something different to languages that I'm more familiar with. Since I'm only familiar with vocal languages, BSL is naturally very attractive to me.

Another reason is that, honestly, it's fairly useful. I'm more likely to need to use BSL than any other language I'm learning, as much as that kind of saddens me, and it seems like a useful language to know.

Finally, I just think it's genuinely kind of gorgeous. I'm fascinated with dance and motion, and BSL turns all of that into a system of communication, and I just love that.


I sometimes struggle when talking or listening. I need them to speak slowly, and I stutter a LOT. Even in my native language, I stutter often. So a language where I can't get sad that I can't SPEAK the language sounds great.


I know a family who's mother is deaf. I learned ASL to be able to talk with her and other deaf people .

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