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Languages you want BADLY on Duolingo?!?!

Duolingo is easier and more engaging for learning languages, and it is a success. It is so addicting I am already learning ten languages.

But, I will not die happily until every world language not including dialects, and apparently neither will you.

Let's start a thread for what languages we want. I will start:

Icelandic, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Slovene, Azerbaijani, Croatian, Afrikaans, Tagalog, Malay. :)

November 15, 2017



The languages that I would like that may possibly appear on Duolingo one day are Basque, Icelandic, Finnish, and Latin. Basically your average Duolingoer. The languages I want but are suuuper unlikely are Plautdietsch and Navajo.


Well, we got Guarani, so maybe Navajo isn't that unlikely...


I would love if they one day added Finnish. I have such a deep love for the language...although, I may never leave my computer if they add it! Lol!


I would really like to learn Scottish Gaelic!


Hey there LFU, Check out this related earlier discussion:


It might add some thoughts on the matter. : )


Finnish and Latin (Duh.) Also Thai and Afrikaans and Tagalog and Cebuano/Bisaya and Guarani and Slovak and Telugu and Serbian and Tamil and Corsican and Hawaiian and Farsi and Zulu and Navajo and ASL and more that I can't think of right now.


I would like Persian.


Farsi, Dari, Tajik, or all three?


Thai, or maybe a form of Morse or ASL. Navajo is getting popular. Finnish I wanted for a long time, and Urdu, Guarani, and Native American languages and African languages are great. Himalayan languages, like Nepali or Bengali, would be nice too.


Armenian and Georgian


Punjabi for English Speakers


I've reeeally wanted Mandarin for quite some time now. Looks like my with wis about to come true very soon!

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