"What is your strategy?"

Translation:Was ist Ihre Strategie?

November 15, 2017

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ihr mean you ihre means your du means you WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DIFFERENT WORDS?????


I like that we're formal here. Was ist Ihre Strategie?


    I like it too! I suppose that this is a question more likely to come up in business/professional contexts, where the formal form of address is used.


    I wonder if they have a business section for learning German.


    i don't get the ihr and the ihre and du


    "Ihr" can mean 4 different things.

    It can be the informal you plural form in the nominative case (as in "Woher kommt ihr?" = where are you all from?).

    It can be the possessive form of "Sie" (when capitalized) like in this exercise, "Ihr" if the word that follows is masculine or neutral and "Ihre" if it is feminine or plural. That's what they look like in the nominative case, their endings change depending on the case.

    It can be the possessive form of "sie" (both she and they), when written in lowercase ("ihr"). Their endings follow the same rules I've written above.

    It can also be the dative form of "sie" ("to her", if you will) as in "Ich schenke ihr einen Kuchen " = I am giving her a cake (or I am giving a cake to her).

    Those are the possibilities I have come up with. If there are more possibilities, whoever is reading this, feel free to add them.


    they all basically mean the same thing right?

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