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  5. "The man sends a letter."

"The man sends a letter."

Translation:남자가 편지를 보냅니다.

November 15, 2017



I kind of have trouble with the namjaga or namjanoon. what is the difference?


this point is similar to Japanese はandが。 가/이is a subject particle and 는/은 is a topic particle. I hope that is can be useful. Sorry for my bad English.


he don't even take Japanese why are you showing him that as a example?


Korean uses chinese and japanese characters sometimes like it uses English words i guess.


Duolingo is good for French and Spanish but the learning curve is to steep for Korean if this is your onle learn ing method


Why is it 남자가 and not 남자는?


The particles 이/가 are subject markers and the particles 은/는 are topic markers. So because 남자 is the subjext (SOV) then the particle is 가. Hope this helps, I'm still understanding myself.


Yes, 가 = subject/identifier particle; it puts more emphasis on the man. In this case, the man sends a letter.


Use another example please of when you would use 는


고양이는 사람이 아닙니다. (The cat is not a person)

In this sentence, 고양이 (cat) is the topic of the sentence. 사람 (person) is the subject of the sentence. And 아닙니다 is the verb meaning "is not/are not".

For 고양이 the ending particle "는" is used.

For 사람 the ending particle is "이" is used.

The difference is that 고양이 is the topic and 사람 is the subject.

Hope this helped! :)


I hate how half the time the last two words are eithere in correct order or have to be switched


The sentence structure is subject + object + verb. Verb is always at the end.


is 를 (in 편지를) a particle here? if so, what does it indicate?


It is the object particle! Here it is indicating that the letter is the object of the sentence, it is having a verb act upon it (it is being "sent")


What is the romanization for letter?


why is it 남자가 편지를 보냅니다 instead of 남자가 보냅니다 편지를


Because Korean Grammar is Subject which is 남자가 Object 편지를 and Verb 보냅니다. Verb is always at the end.

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