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A few tips to remember for French on Duolingo...

A few tips you might not already know... . . . Always put the colour last. EG. Une violet robe._X Correction: Une robe violet. _✓ . . . If a 'thing' is male/female, make sure the 'thing' is the right gender too. EG. Une chien Un chienne Correction: Un chien Une chienne Lastly, THERE IS ALWAYS A GENDER FOR EVERYTHING

November 15, 2017



Correction : "une robe violette"*


Just be careful, colours based upon nouns (generally fruits, jewels, flowers) do not change. 'Violet' is confusing because it is a flower in English but « une violette » is the flower in French.

Une robe orange, des robes orange (no 's').

Un chat marron, une chatte marron, des chattes marron.

Also compound colours do not change for number of gender.

Un sac à main rose clair, une jupe rose clair, des tableaux rose clair.


Very helpful, Thanks


uh... yes... thanks lol


Thanks so much! I always struggle with genders on French.


thanks i love this help soooo much please post more!

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