What are u learning tell me what your learning and a word and what is means

November 15, 2017



im learning spanish

but i already know spanish

how do you post the images??

¿Praticas por que ahora?

mom/mama i am learning spanish

am learning Spanish to,

안녕하세요입니다. 당신은 어떻게? Hello. How are you? I learning Korean right now.

Also, I like your profile picture that you're using right now. I used to use that same picture sometime ago. Not on Duolingo but on my Youtube channel.

I love your pic do you know anime

I do. I watch a lot of anime.

I like Tokyo ghoul and fairy tail and one piece

I like those and a bunch others. It's a long list. My number one favorite is Pokemon. I've been watching that show since I was a child.

Pokémon is nice do you watch death note

I do watch Death Note.

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