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A question for all course contributors/moderators...

Just wanted to ask,

1) How long did you wait after sending your application to receive an email back?

2) What was your application like, did you write a lot and what did you talk about?

3) How many times did you send off an application?

4) Do you have any tips on how to get accepted?

Thank you

November 15, 2017



That is an interesting resource you point out ARABIC_IS_COMING . Thank you :)

I would recommend that you also get to know the information in the help resource.

In that - check out:


Also information from here:

And then I would highly recommend being an outstanding learner and where you have knowledge, to choose to assist others with their language journey and show kindness in all that you do.

Wishing you all the best with your ambitions, and especially with your language learning.


He is normally called Woof - but changes his nickname every few weeks when a new language comes out ;)


I'm not a contributor, but this might help your application get accepted, .

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