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Duolingo plus: can I download the whole course?

Hi there: I would like to know if I pay for Plus, would I be able to download the whole course(s), or just the ones that is next to be done?

I have family in a place in the world that they don't have internet, and I would love to download a whole course to give it as a present. I understand that is not exactly what they want (pay just one month and download the whole site) but it could be a good idea to offer the chance of this for a little more money.


November 15, 2017



Sending a full course to friends as a present could get you in trouble with copyright issues. The Plus subscription does not mean you own the course data.

Luckily you will not get into trouble because you cannot dowload the whole course.


From what I remember, you can download any lesson you've already finished but only a few that you haven't learnt yet.


On the Android app:

  • unlocked / unfinished skill: 2-3 for DL with blue Plus icon (5 in total)
  • locked (grey) skill: 2-3 for DL with blue Plus icon (5 in total)
  • finished / completed skills: white cloud icon to DL one by one

  • You can probably re-do the 7-10 lessons in downloaded (already) completed skills.

But if you can really strengthen a completed skill offline with help of "DuoLingo Plus": You have to try this for yourself - maybe not.

I have no "DuoLingo Plus" abo, so I have not tested.
I am just aware of the blue and white icons, what the Android app shows me in my own Portuguese tree.

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