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"František hurt Kateřina with that word."

Translation:František tím slovem Kateřinu zranil.

November 15, 2017



františek zranil kateřinu tamtím slovem??


That's correct grammatically, although a little difficult to imagine in practice, because "tamto" is mostly used when you are pointing at the object (or you at least can point at it). If I wanted to imagine a scene where I'd use this sentence: There's a blackboard in the room with some words on it written by František and someone is asking me "What has František done to Kateřina?" - then I can point at the specific word and say "F. zranil K. tamtím slovem."


Should be ok.


Why is 'Frantisek zranil Katerinu tim slovem' wrong?


It isn't. "František zranil Kateřinu tím slovem" is one of a few hundred accepted answers. I don't see any recent report though so I can't tell you if you made a mistake/typo there somewhere.

Also be aware that your solution stresses "that word" - we already knew F. had hurt K., the new information is that he did it with that word.

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