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"Our school started with different books."

Translation:Naše škola začala jinými knihami.

November 15, 2017



naše škola začala s jinými knihami??


I'm getting the impression that these sentences, which seem to be about making or doing something with -- in the sense of "by means of" rather than in the sense of "together with" or "along with"-- something else, DON'T use the preposition. But this is just a GUESS, based on what I've seen so far.


" jinými knihami": Arepeople really talking like that? It sounds so strange...


Many languages sound strange to me...


I reported "Jinými knihami začala naše škola." as a possible answer, but wanted to ask if there's a difference in tone, or emphasis between "Jinými knihami začala naše škola." and "Naše škola začala jinými knihami."


"Jinými knihami začala naše škola." is really strange. It is like: With these books this and this started. And with OTHER books OUR SCHOOL started.

I cannot imagine it to be the translation of "Our school started with different books.".


The difference in emphasis is so big that it's unlikely to use your word order - "Jinými knihami začala naše škola." in a real life situation.

It means: "Regarding these different books, it was our school, not your school or another school, that started with them." It's usable pretty much only as a direct disagreeing response to someone claiming that their school started with different books.


Okay, thank you both (VladaFu and AgnusOinas) for the quick responses.

AgnusOinas' comment of "...direct disagreeing response..." is what I was looking for. It's the context that I was envisioning for the word order that I used, with the translation being close to "Our school started with OTHER BOOKS.", a response indicating disagreement or emphasizing contrast.

Your comments help give a better understanding of word order vs. emphasis. Thanks!


No no, the disagreeing would have to be with someone saying that ANOTHER SCHOOL started with those different books. If you're disagreeing about (what kind of) BOOKS, the word order still must be "Naše škola začala jinými knihami." Whatever you're contrasting with something else, place is at the end.


Okay, I can see that now. Thank you for the clarification.


I can imagine it in a single person's speech in the way I sketched it. This started with these books. This started with those books. And with other books our school started.

Something like if you are narrating some story and suddenly: Something else happened in XY. And follow what happened there. Něco jiného se stalo v Praze. Tam...


That example makes a lot of sense...definitely context dependent. Thanks!

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