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Movies and shows in French

So I'm learning French, right, but I have problems with listening. Therefore I was thinking about watching some French TV or movies, to auscultate with French language.

Do you have any suggestions?

November 15, 2017



blue is the warmest colour is one of the best, also amile and sleeping beauty are amazing


theres some on netflix and 123movies, like ' jeune et jolie ', 'populaire', 'lol', 'amelie', and for tv shows; la plus belle voix, koh-lanta (available on youtube), danse avec les stars, les anges de tele-realite, and for a lot of the bigger tv shows on netflix they will offer audio in french (: bonne chance!


I suggest Asterix, Papillon, and The Red Balloon. They are all really good.


I really like the Intouchables. Its a movie about a paraplegic man and his caregiver but, like most French films it's not as boring as it sounds.


I've been thinking of watching the original dubs of Miraculous Ladybug (the only thing stopping me is the fact that I'm so use to the English voices), plus I think a lot of movies would come french dubbed. I'd suggest look at the languages on your favourite movies before looking for native french films because then you already know what's being said and can really focus on the words being spoken.


I like AMOUR. It's on Netflix if you have that.

[deactivated user]

    If you (or a family member) has DVDs with a multi-lingual soundtrack, you can go into the "Settings" and select French.


    Someone told me to watch Disney movies in the French language. That way you can track because you already know the story line! But i haven't tried it yet so i don't know if it will work. :)


    One of the teachers at my Alliance Fran├žaise compiled a Netflix list.

    As @Pickled_Pie mentioned, I find it a good idea to watch once with English captioning so I know the story and then go back and watch again (with or without French captioning).

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