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New rings for moderators and... contributors, hosts and teachers ambassadors


So we can now see (by hovering over the avatar) if the user with a green or gold ring is :

  • a Course Contributor (=in the incubator)
  • a Forum Moderator
  • an Event Host
  • a Teacher Ambassador
  • 2 of the four
  • more...

When before, we could only identify the forum moderators.

1. About the "green or gold"

see "What are the Global Ambassador levels?" Support Pages' article

2. Identify who can moderate which forum

When an Forum Moderator is posting on a forum on which (s)he actually has moderation rights, a "MOD" flair appears before his/her language flag:
Like that we can know who is moderating where.

3. Summary comparison


  • green ring for Forum Moderators on forums where they had moderation rights + "Moderator" displayed when hovering over the avatar


  • ring (green or gold), for any Ambassador, on:
    • all forums + hovering over the avatar gives the list of the kind(s) of Ambassador the user is.
    • profile page + hovering over the avatar gives the list of the kind(s) of Ambassador the user is.
  • For Forum Moderators, they additionally have a "MOD" flair on forums where they actually have moderation rights

EDIT1: I added the text under the images.


  1. title changed from "New rings for moderators and contributors" to "New rings for moderators and... contributors, hosts and teachers ambassadors"
  2. Added link explaining "green vs. gold".


Adding of the all the text (and starting at) "Finally, when an Forum Moderator is posting on a forum", and before the list of edits.

EDIT4: Formatting.

November 15, 2017



"Gold"? It looked orange to me when I first saw it... Am I the only one? Then again, I have bad eyesight, so...

Anyways, I like the new, updated changes! Not a huge fan of the orange rings (or "gold"... I guess I should take your word for it), but that hardly matters. Thanks for giving us the ability to identify more contributors. They certainly deserve the recognition. ^ ^


Better to take Duo's words than mine. ;)
See the link I added in the OP.


Haha, I thought the same thing, but my eyes aren't the best either, so... ;)


Duo must have liked me since they put a ring on me!

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If you hover over your picture, you will notice the flair appear that identifies you as a

So this is why you are wearing a green ring :)

It is a pleasure to meet you Amarelo :wave:

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Oh, just to mention, for people who want to find more about this,
Check out Introducing Duolingo Events


So here is a question: what's the difference between a Moderator and a Global Ambassador?


A Moderator is just one type of Global Ambassador. Global Ambassadors also include Contributors, Teacher Ambassadors, and Host Ambassadors.

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And in a different way to explain this, you will see the visual difference between some different Global Ambassador, from the people who have responded here to your question. Everyone with either a Green or Gold ring around them, with the world badge, is a Global Ambassador. Yet as Global Ambassadors (GA), we do different duties.

The official duty performed by a GA is identified by the "flair" that pops up over the bio picture, when you pass your cursor over it.

Along with that, in all the forums, if the person is a moderator for that forum, then there is a grey MOD tag that appears before their language flag. This occurs for whether you are wearing a gold ring or green ring.

So here you will see that Trofaste is not a MOD in this forum.
While Jrikhal and I are MOD's in this forum.
Jrikhal though is a GA who is recognized with a Golden ring, due to the level of activity and very valuable work he has done in at least one of the duties that appears in his "flair".

edited to correct terminology.


The old ones were better, IMHO.

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I know - change is also difficult.
This new system is also allowing all of us to see more information.

I think it is a cool idea.


Whose the moderator with the awesome Koala picture?


You are some pretty gold looking mods now.

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