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Is this text correct?

Can anyone correct this text, please?

だれはボーブです。私の友達です。だれは十二歳です。 ボーブはフランスに生まれましたが、英語を話すことが出来ます。 今、だれは日本に住んでいます。だれは学校に日本語をべんきょうしています。だれの母も父も病院で働きます。 ボーブがたくさん勉強します: 言語を勉強することが大好きです。 だれの母はケーキを作ることが好きです。だれの父はご飯を作ることが好きです。

If there is any word without its kanji, correct it too please :D

November 15, 2017



Hello Catarwww,

So you are mostly asking "who" questions right? Here are a few grammar points that might be helpful. : )

(1) If you are asking questions you will need 「か」at the end. Think of 「か。」 as a question mark. Seven of your sentences are missing the question marks.

(2) だれ(誰)is who, but we would not use は after だれ (we can use other particles like だれの・だれに・だれを). In these questions you would need to use が or change the order of the sentences.

a. Changing the order:

ボーブはだれですか。Subject + は + who + ?

The order of Japanese grammar is often the opposite of English. Your 8th sentence would also need は.

b. Using が

だれが日本に... だれ + が

Changing the order of the example sentence in example a. is best, but there are 3 places where you would need to change the は to が.

(3) There are different particles for "at." Use に if you exist in a place, but are not doing anything. Use で if you are doing something.

a. 学校にいる・At School  =Just existing

b. 学校で読む・Read at school =Doing something

I didn't go over all of your examples or actually correct anything, but if you find and change your examples to match the grammar from 1-3, your sentences will sound more natural. : D


Thanks!! It helps a lot!

About "だれ", I wrote that because I'm stupid haha instead of that, I want to say "かれ" (彼).

The 3rd point omg! I was always confused about the particles に and で. That blowed my mind haha

Thank you very much! :D [Sorry about English mistakes, it is not my native English]


かれ would make more sense. : D は will be okay in your sentences with かれ, and of course no more question marks.

I would use お父さん and お母さん though, as you are not speaking about your own parents.

And I would probably use parents for かれの母も父も病院で働きます。


His parents work at the hospital.


Both of his parents work at the hospital.


Thank you very much again for helping me!! xD

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