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When will Japanese course be graduated from Beta?

I want to now if somebody knows when Japanese course will go to Incubator Phase 3... and how about Duolingo Stories?

I'm looking forward Duolingo Stories in Japanese and in Esperanto :)

Please, Duo, we need those things :D

[sorry about my English, feel free to correct me]

November 15, 2017



It'll probably be a while. English from Japanese had one of the longest stays in beta, presumably in large part because the number of potential translations is just so massive, in many instances exceeding the max Duolingo allows of 3,000 (yes 3,000 possible translations for a single sentence). I think this difficulty probably played into why the Japanese tree is so short, but it still means the amount of work to get it stable is massive.


That is sad and awesome at the same time haha Sad because we will need to wait for long time to see Japanese course complete, and awesome because it is very interesting all those things Japanese have, like 3k translations for one sentece hahaha

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