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How can I retain my German knowledge?

So, I'm learning German and all, and I'm printing the pages for the German cases cause I'm having a bit of trouble with them, and I'm wondering, how can I retain my knowledge of it better? All answers help, thanks!

November 15, 2017



write it down!! And practice everyday!! when reviewing words, try to not to use the hints!

But I mean specifically write down words with pen and pencil and paper, because that makes you use it in a different part of your brain so it is stored in more places and you are more likely to remember :)


Of course, I do that every day. It's getting easier and easier. :)


Practice. Make up sentences and write them down. Your sentences really don't need to make sense, just practice writing things down.

May I ask? What do you find difficult about the cases?

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Owen, I am making an Anki flashcard deck with phrases I find as I go along in Duo, but also from other places I come across. This way I have to type out the sentence, which includes using vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and meanings in context. I am making them so that I have to translate from English to German, just like you would have to do if you were trying to speak to someone in German. You think of it in English and have to come up with a German way to express yourself. I hope this helps. Susan

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