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  5. "Das Essen ist schlecht."

"Das Essen ist schlecht."

Translation:The food is bad.

March 15, 2013



Can Schlecht be considered as the opposite of Gut, then?


If I wanted to say 'The food is spoiled' would I also use this sentence?


Yes, or you can use

Das Essen verbirdt (Verbenden - To spoil)


There's no such word as "verbenden" or "verbirdt". Did you mean "verderben"? "Das Essen verdirbt" means "The food is going to get spoilt" or "The food is in the process of getting spoilt". "Das Essen ist verdorben" means "The food is spoilt".


Can "schlecht" not also mean "awful"?


You could say "this is awful" and mean "this is bad" but it's best to stick with the definitions DuoLingo gives you for now. Translation is a nightmare for even advanced speakers. Also, the reason we see schlecht with essen and saft is schlecht means spoiled. I don't think you'd use schlecht if you wanted to say "I did a bad thing."


What is the sound difference between "sch" and "ch"?


Sch is /ʃ/ (English sh) whereas soft ch is /ç/ (which doesn't exist in English). /ç/ is palatal. You don't use your teeth to pronounce it like you would for /ʃ/. You have your tongue flat under the palate of your mouth to pronounce it kinda like if you were hissing.


I find it very difficult to get these correct as "Type what you hear" problems.


you can turn them off


On mobile, go into your settings and scroll all the way down. There should be an option to turn off audio- and microphone-requiring questions.

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